Ireland Visa Requirements


Visa Process:


    • PASSPORT: Original and Copy of Passport having validity of at least six months. If available, your uld passports should also be attached. Current passport should not be damaged. Copies of all pages of the passport are required.
    • PHOTOGRAPH: Two Photographs – not more than 6 months uld printed on photographic paper with White or light grey background background and close-up of your face (80%) in sharp focus and correctly exposed. Size: 35-38 mm (width) x 45-50 mm (height). Reverse of the photograph should be white and unglazed.
    • VISA FEES: Current visa fee for a single entry is Rs. 10,000, to be paid in cash. Visa fees are non-refundable.
      (a) Printed and Signed Summary of the Online form. All applicants have to fill the online form which is saved for 30 days. ( This form requires all personal details of the applicant, travel history, contact details in Ireland, University / course details, complete education details, employment details, sponsors details and agent details. All visa refusals for any country have to be declared, failing which the Ireland visa would result in the Irish visa being refused.
      (b) Student visa application form – this form requires details of the University, course to be studied, duration of the course, fees, last education obtained, work experience, details of stay in Ireland, sponsors details, English Language ability and SOP.
      (c) Questionnaire – requires same details as above.
    • PCC (Pulice Clearance Certificate) – Original PCC, stamp on the passport and 2 copies.
    • ACCEPTANCE LETTER : all conditions of the University / Institute should be fulfilled.
    • FEE RECEIPT: If the student is accepted on a HETAC approved course (Higher Education & Training Awards Council in Ireland), can apply for visa without any fee payment. Fees need only be paid once the student receives an AIP (Approval in Principle). Student will need to provide the Fee receipt from the University and the bank statement of the University (reflecting the tuition fees paid by the student) which needs to be forwarded to Irish visa Office, New Delhi.
    • SOP – student needs to submit 3 copies of a printed Statement of Purpose outlining the reason to study in Ireland.
    • CV in Brief : 3 copies of same.
    • ACADEMIC DOCUMENTS: Educational Certificates, Degree Certificates, Diplomas & Mark sheets – Std 10th, 11th, 12th, 1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd Year, 4th Year, Post Graduation, Other Diplomas, WORK PLACEMENT / Industrial Training Certificates, etc. student needs to submit the Originals along with 2 copies of same.
    • IELTS / TOEFL SCORES: Score Reports of IELTS / TOEFL with a Minimum of 5.0 band in IELTS and a TOEFL score of 173 is required.
    • WORK EXPERIENCE: Letter from current employer or experience letter (if applicable). Any other recommendation letter need not be submitted.
    • AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT – to be taken on a Rs. 100 stamp paper and should be notarized.
    • FUNDS: The total cost of funds should be calculated as total Tuition fees + Living cost @ Euros 7000. Original and 2 copies of IT returns of sponsors for the last year filed. A CA statement can be submitted for NSC, KVP, Mutual funds, Property incorporating the values will suffice.
    • BANK EDUCATION LOAN SANCTION LETTER from a Nationalized Bank.
    • BANK STATEMENT: Latest Saving’s a/c Bank Statements / Pass Books of the student or Sponsor for the last six months and a Bank Certificate. Recent deposits should be supported with evidence.
    • BANK FIXED RECEIPTS: Bank Fixed Deposit Receipts from Nationalized Bank. Only a Bank letter confirming the Fixed Deposits total value will suffice. The Original Fixed Deposit Receipts are not required to be submitted.
    • Medical Insurance : Evidence of Private Medical Insurance provided by the University / Institute is to be compulsorily provided. Alternatively student will have to make private arrangement for same.
      (a) We advise you to make a provisional booking of the air ticket. Air ticket should be booked 3 – 4 days prior to the orientation date.
    • BANK LOANGee Bee also provides assistance with bank loan. From, Government Sector banks, loan can be availed.