Study In UK


UK is one of the most famous countries for its strong economic background and scenic beauty. In terms of education, it is ranking at the top position in the world for higher education. It is a world leader in various education streams, including science, engineering, law, finance, business and management, etc. The country is renowned for providing education system that can bring difference to your future and help you achieve success. The country welcomes more than 600,000 students from various countries to pursue the course of their choice, bet it learning English or doing PhD.

Best part of the UK educational system is that, it allows students to merge subjects and courses from various streams in an attempt to customize their degree as per their interest and needs. Most importantly, studying in UK is affordable compared to other countries, though the selection of University/Institution also matters. Students while pursuing their course can also opt for part time opportunities however, there is a limit when comes to working hours, i.e. 20 hours. If you want to be part of this best educational system, Oceania can help. We help you clear IELTS – an English Proficiency Test which is conducted by the British Council and is an entry criteria to get admission in the Universities/Institutions of UK. Hurry! Allow us to make your dream of studying in UK come true.

Living in the UK

Apart from its education system, the UK is also famous for a number of other things. A historically rich destination with deep cultural roots, the UK provides an ideal base from which one can explore the history and culture of not just the UK but of the rest of Europe as well. With options to work during the course of your studies, the UK boasts of a multicultural society that can help you grow intellectually. From breathtaking landscapes to the royalty at Buckingham Palace, life in the UK is an experience that cannot be missed.

Studying in the UK

The UK education system holds an outstanding international reputation. With excellent education standards, the UK offers a multitude of courses designed to cater to every need of the students studying in the UK. Being the birth place of the English language, the UK provides a wide range of English language and pathway courses to prepare students for university-level studies, along with a number of undergraduate (bachelor) and postgraduate courses. Augmented by fantastic teaching facilities, there can be no doubt as to why education in the UK has stood the test of time.

UK Universities

The UK offers a diverse and flexible range of courses in globally ranked institutions; it has the second highest number of universities ranked in the top 100 by the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings. Compared to other countries, the UK offers courses that are much shorter though more intensive. This provides the choice to graduate earlier, without compromising on the quality of education. The universities in the UK are closely monitored to ensure the maintenance of the highest standards of teaching, learning and research as well as ensuring a safe, caring and supportive environment for all international students.